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Parkinson's Disease - North West

Parkinson's Disease is a slowly progressive neurodegenerative illness characterized by: tremors, stiffness, slowness of movement and difficulty with balance.

These services serve all or part of North West
Parkinson Canada - Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre - Thunder Bay Support Group  
700 River St, Thunder Bay, ON  M2P 2A9
Parkinson Society Central and Northern Ontario - Kenora Support Group  
District of Kenora Home for the Aged - Pinecrest Home, 1220 Valley Dr, Kenora, ON  M2P 2A9
1‑800‑565‑3000 ext 3301

These services are located outside of North West, but provide service to North West.
Parkinson Canada  
4211 Yonge St, Suite 316, North York, ON  M2P 2A9
Parkinson Canada - Ottawa Office - Ottawa  
200 Colonnade Rd S, Unit 1, Ottawa, ON  K2E 7M1
North West LHIN