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Mood and Anxiety Disorders - North West

Mood disorders or affective disorders are characterized by disturbances of mood or emotional tone to the point where excessive and inappropriate depression or elation occurs. Mood disorders include obsessive-compulsive, depression, bipolar disorders (manic depression) and states of anxiety and panic.

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These services serve all or part of North West
NorWest Community Health Centres - Longlac - Mental Health and Health Education Workshops   Longlac
St Joseph's Care Group - St Joseph's Health Centre - Personal Development Program   Thunder Bay

These services are located outside of North West, but provide service to North West.
Child and Parent Resource Institute (CPRI) - Mood Disorders Clinic   London
Mood Disorders Association of Ontario   Toronto
Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care - Georgianwood Program for Concurrent Disorders   Penetanguishene